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Gail Fields

Gail Fields, Art Director of Charles Fields Photography, was a successful painter and graphic design artist with aGail Fieldsdegree from the renowned Parson’s School of Design. Born in New York City, Gail spent most of her career studying and teaching painting in Connecticut while refining her expertise in state-of-the-art graphic design. She was a commissioned artist, with three of her works now part of the U.S.Coast Guard permanent collection in Washington, D.C. She has also received special recognition for other work, including prizes for painting and underwater photography.

As an artist, Gail’s graphic design background has had a major impact on her work, especially her landscape and nature painting compositions. She credits many greats for influencing her sense of style and color including Vermeer, Van Gogh, Wyeth, and O’Keefe.

Truro Light BookGail Fields was crucial in the publishing process of our friend Joseph Schuyler’s book “Truro Light: A Journey from Ocean to Bay”.  Her support and hard work brought the book to press and allowed us to promote it from within our office and also allowed us to enjoy the beautiful photographs of the town that we hold so dear.

The amazing level of talent in our small towns still manages to astound me after all this time and the support that the artists, designers, publishers etc. show to each other in their fields is something that corporate America could learn a few lessons from!  It is also another reason why we live here and #wouldntliveanywhereelse!

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