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Spring on Cape Cod!!

Thinking about planning a Cape Cod Vacation? Think Spring!

When you think of taking a Cape Cod vacation you think of summer, right? You have good reason to – our beaches, image for New Listing in Truro!seafood, shopping and people are some of the best in the country!  We love having you here during the height of the season, but experienced tourists and locals alike know that the spring can be one of the best times to come and visit. Here are some reasons why:
1.) Smaller Crowds

Sagamore BridgeAsk anyone that visits us here on Cape Cod what the most frustrating part of their trip is and they almost always answer traffic, especially coming on and off the Cape…UGH!! Everyone has their own theories on how to avoid it but let’s face it in the middle of August it is unavoidable.

Well, getting around Cape Cod in the spring is a piece of cake, and even better is that by the first weekend in May, almost all restaurants, resorts and attractions are open. If you want to spend an extra weekend with your special someone or the family, May and early June are great times to do it!

2.) Spring Festivals

There’s way more to Cape Cod than beaches! Everybody knows about our summer traditions like huge fourth of July fireworks and celebrations, Carnival Week in Provincetown, concerts at the Cape Cod Melody Tent and catching the stars of tomorrow at the Cape Cod Baseball League games.  But did you know that there are awesome festivals in the spring as well?cape baseball

Events like the Toast of Harwich, the Chatham Spring Fling and the Figawi Charity Ball and race all happen in May. At the Toast of Harwich you can sample food from Harwich’s best restaurants, sample wines from around the world and listen to live music. The Chatham Spring Fling is a similar event, but with a uniquely Chatham feel. The Cape Rep Theatre also starts it’s spring schedule so why not make one of the first weekends in May a cultural and culinary adventure? Going to these events will make you feel like a local, and you get to experience something you can’t do in the summer!

3.) It’s a Great Time to Run, Bike or Hike.

The spring is a great time to be outside – especially on Cape Cod. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it simply can’t be beat.provincelands bike trail In May, it’s usually warm enough to run or bike outdoors in shorts, but cool enough that you won’t risk getting heatstroke or dehydrated. Plan a trip to come down and take some time exploring the Cape’s great biking, hiking and running trails. Many runners and bicyclists make the mistake of thinking that Cape Cod is endlessly flat. On the contrary, we actually have some of the hilliest terrain in the region, and biking the National Seashore’s trails (especially in the Provincelands in Provincetown) can prove to be a challenging endeavor.

May also plays host to several road races.  Plan an “active vacation” around spending a weekend exploring Cape Cod’s trails or a road race, and spend dinnertime enjoying a restaurant serving local, organic food from one of our many farms.
4.) You Can Get Up Close with Nature

Here on Cape Cod, we’re equally closely tied to the land and sea. Without the cranberry bogs that dot the Cape, and Truro’s little known history with turnips, the earliest Native American and English settlers would never have stayed around to give us the region we have now.

whales in the bayThe spring is an important time for the whales, a time during which some return to the region and when others leave. The endangered North Atlantic right whale leaves the waters around Cape Cod the first weekend in May every year.  This makes it a great time to come down, book a trip on a whale watch and catch these majestic creatures.  However this year the whales are on the move a bit early and up to 85 have been spotted in the Bay already this year!  It is a great time to get up close with some of the most amazing creatures on earth.

Other attractions, like botanical gardens such as the Pilgrim Monument and Museum in Provincetown and the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich are monumentjust now starting to open their doors meaning you can wander through, climb to the top and enjoy the views with no crowds!


5.) The Deals are Great

It’s easy to take a Cape Cod vacation on a budget in the springtime. Many resorts don’t start charging peak season rates until Memorial Day, meaning you can get a great value on your stay if you come in the Spring!  . Even a lot of regular vacationers don’t know that a good number of their favorite restaurants from the canal to Provincetown stay open year round, and that almost all of them have off-season menus, pricing and specials. Visiting in the Spring  you blend the best of both worlds – some of the nice weather you look forward to in the summer, with the value you’d get if you visited in the winter.

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