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Truro Treasures Weekend!!

Truro Treasures Weekend is right around the corner.  This made me think of what it is we celebrate when we celebrate this Town we are so proud to call home.  We have talked in previous blogs about Truro being the first place
Pamet Harborthe Pilgrims found water and how they found maize otherwise known as corn by Corn Hill Beach.  Although the history is important, what makes Truro what it is today?   The answer became very obvious when I started reading about past Truro Treasure celebrations….It is the people that call this Town their own.  Don’t get me wrong…the beaches are stunning and an October sunset over Cape Cod Bay is some of Mother Nature’s most amazing works of art…all reasons attributing to our living here, but the people are just as special!  

Truro Treasures began in 1992, just 2 years before I moved here full time.  It was started by several community members including Betty Groom and Boo Houston.  They started Truro Treasures with the original intention to raisehighland light money to save the historic Highland Light in North Truro.  The lighthouse was dangerously close to the edge of the cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and needed to be moved.  They envisioned a fun fall weekend for both adults and children.  Their vision was to promote community pride and spread the word about this amazing location near the end of Cape Cod.  If you knew Boo Houston and were able to speak to her, you would immediately see the sense of pride she had surrounding her town and the people in it.  

Since 1992, Truro Treasures has developed into a 3 day festival full of fun events, including an antique car show, kids events, a road race, cocktail party, grape stomp and so much more.  Each of these events is manned by local townspeople volunteering their time to ensure that this weekend goes off without a hitch.  I will never forget the antique car show of Truro Treasures 2013.  Let’s just say the weather was not cooperating! car show People from all over Cape Cod still brought their antique army trucks, Model A Fords and so many more.  The local volunteers were on hand even in the rain to make sure that the awards were handed out and that the participants had lunch.  It was a fantastic show of cooperation and team work without even so much as one complaint from anyone.  The craft show at the Truro Central School was moved indoors that year but the volunteers from the school were still out there cooking burgers and hotdogs to raise money for the kids and their class trips that year.  Not only were the volunteers there but so were the customers…allowing the school to raise a substantial amount to be put towards the Boston and DC trips that year.  

Year in and year out, I have watched this community pull together to ensure that Truro Treasures Weekend is a fun event for both locals and visitors alike.  Boo Houston passed away in 2010 and Betty Groom passed in 2011, but I hope that they can look down and be very proud of how the Towns people have pulled together to ensure that Truro Treasures weekend will continue and will flourish for many years to come!  We hope that you will enjoy the 25th Annual Truro Treasures Weekend with us and with some pretty amazing Truro residents this year!  

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